Any individual, in the context of their daily activities(as a private individual and not as a professional), can cause a damaging accident to third parties under their responsibility and be obliged to pay compensation according to the Civil Code.

The General Civil Liability policy covers damages to third parties and compensates for:


The General Civil Liability of a business covers damages (bodily injury or death, moral damage or emotional distress and property damage), which may be caused to third parties on its premises during the operation of the business, or during the execution of its services.

Common Areas

The Civil Liability of Building Common Areas Manager covers the manager of an apartment building or any building in general, for damages caused under their own responsibility to third parties, for which they are considered responsible according to Articles 914-932 of the Civil Code. It indemnifies for:

To these coverages, damages can also be added that may be caused from the common areas of a building to third parties by: