To insure means to protect. Protection is the main objective of all insurance.

In particular, with the protection programs we insure:

Our income. We insure ourselves and our ability to generate income!

In the event of a Permanent or Temporary Disability of significant duration, the loss of income is the greatest risk to our survival. In these cases, its replacement is crucial for maintaining our standard of living in case an illness or accident has caused incapacity for work…

This specific insurance is mandatory for several borrowers, in order for the repayment of the loan to be insured in the case of loss of life or permanent total disability, without the family being burdened.

Business executives.

Some people are very important to some businesses. Their vision and their ability to achieve the goals of the business, make them hard to find.

Compensating the company for the loss of an important executive or the cost of their quick replacement in the event of dismissal for health reasons, can require a very significant amount of money from the company!

Personal Accident.

It is recommended for people who travel, move a lot and are generally, due to their profession, more exposed to the risk of accident, which can cause permanent incapacity for work (loss of income) or loss of life, which will upset the quality of life of their family.

Examples of professions: Delivery people, Refuse Collectors, Journalists, Oil Painters, Truck Drivers, Valets, etc.

  • Accident of special groups or individuals with special professions or hobbies. The particularity of a profession or a sport exposes certain groups of people who deal with them to increased accident risks. There is also the possibility of group insurance for accident risks.

Examples of groups: Students, Sports Clubs, Mountaineering Clubs, Paramedics, Hospital Workers, Corporate or Prison Guards, Heavy Machinery Operators, etc.