Travel Insurance

“Travel" is a word that to most people reminds of concepts such as pleasant anticipation, enjoyment, different images and sounds, escape from everyday life...

Sometimes all this can be overturned by unexpected events and the anticipation for a pleasant experience can become an unpleasant reality!

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is important to cover unforeseen expenses during a trip, which can be big and hard to find, such as:

Travel insurance allows us to deal with the extra costs that can be caused by unforeseen and difficult-to-manage travel risks, with a low premium.

Roadside Assistance

The immobilization of a vehicle for any reason is a problem we have to deal with at the time it happens. Moreover, if this immobilization is caused by an accident and is accompanied by an injury, the need to solve the problems that suddenly arise is imperative (e.g. first aid and transport of the patient to a hospital, return of the occupants to their place of residence or overnight stay in the nearest town, transport of the vehicle, etc.).

Roadside Assistance is a multi-benefit insurance package, really valuable for difficult or very difficult circumstances and at a very low cost.