Asfalistiki Kalipsi

About us

Who we are

Asfalistiki Kalipsi / E. Dimitriou – K. Louskas
Insurance Brokers General Partnership

Insurance and reinsurance brokerage company

Our relationship with the insurance market began in January 1999. Engaging in insurance brokerage is our exclusive profession, which we love and respect.

Since 2016 we have been operating under a corporate structure and since 2018 with the status of an Insurance Broker.


The provision of quality insurance brokerage services can only be achieved through continuous training and certification. Updating the knowledge required for the practice of the profession, beyond that acquired through previous studies or upon its commencement, is imperative and we practice it faithfully.

Having as a primary objective the service of the client, the defense of their interest and the effective management of the resulting damages, we know that we can only succeed by maintaining a high professional level, which requires continuous certification of knowledge.

Social Responsibility

The contribution to social development and progress is one of our core values. Recognizing the importance of responsibility to society as a whole, a responsibility which we all share, we actively participate in voluntary actions of various organizations in our city. Throughout our course we make certain that we support them in every possible way, both practically and financially.

After all, accountability and social responsibility are inextricably linked to the insurance industry. Therefore, they could not but be fundamental parts of our general activity.